Zoom Client URL Schemes

When integrating your application with Zoom, you can use a URL protocol (ex: zoomus:) instead of https:// to start or join a meeting or Zoom Phone call from a Zoom Client directly. This will prevent users from being brought to a browser window before starting or joining a meeting.

If a user does not install the Zoom Client before starting or joining a meeting, a pop-up window will detect your current installation and recommend to install or update the client.

Zoom Meetings

Starting a Meeting:

Windows/macOS Client: zoommtg://zoom.us/start?confno=123456789&pwd=xxxx

iOS/Android Client: zoomus://zoom.us/start?confno=123456789&pwd=xxxx

Joining a Meeting:

Windows/macOS Client: zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=123456789&pwd=xxxx

iOS/Android Client: zoomus://zoom.us/join?confno=123456789&pwd=xxxx


Name Description
confno Meeting ID
pwd Meeting password
zc Meeting control options:
0 - video and audio
1 - screen share only, no video and audio
browser Browser type (optional):
uname User name
stype User login type:
100 — Work Email user
0 — Facebook user
1 — Google user
101 — SSO user
99 — API User (custCreate)
uid Host user ID
token Host user token, does not change until user changes password. This can be retrieved through the Get User Token API.

Zoom Phone

Using a zoomphonecall:// URL, licensed Zoom Phone users can initiate an outbound call on the Zoom Client from your app.

Specify the callout number in this URL:


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